The Safety Thermometer Website is being relaunched!


A new and improved version of the Safety Thermometer website is coming soon! With a brand new look and layout, the Safety Thermometer website has been updated with user experience at the heart of the redesign.

Key Features and Functions

  • New look and feel – modern new design & layout
  • Simplified menu – intuitive navigation
  • Updated system – quicker, faster and more responsive when saving and editing data
  • Data export faster and more reliable
  • New levels of data control
  • Increased functionality – exportable calendar views of the submission schedules
  • Export the schedules directly to Outlook or other calendars



  • Improved processing of the dashboard data – up to 500X faster to load data and generate charts
  • Updated look and feel – ability to switch between dashboard mode and list mode
  • Faster zoom and chart load
  • New print view mode for individual charts
  • Interactive – hover over data points



New Unified User Admin Screen

  • New single step process to add new users:- New User accounts are automatically generated when you add user permissions.
  • Update and administer all users across all the thermometers that you administer from a single administration screen
  • Easily add users to multiple pathways and manage their access levels.
  • Search and sort users by name, organisation, collection and privileges
  • Reorder the views by dragging and dropping table headers

add-new-user new-user-3 user-management-4