Complete pre-work before learning session 1

To ensure your team gets the most out of your learning session 1, we propose that you undertake a pre-meeting which covers:

  • Reviewing the purpose of the ‘harm free’ care plan and information on this website
  • What your expectations are as a team
  • Which wards or areas will be included in your initial testing phase
  • Use the Baseline Audit Tool to identify which of the secondary drivers you should focus your attention on first
  • Agreed dates when you will meet as a team
  • How your team will communicate in-between learning sessions
  • A draft agenda for learning session 1
  • How you will report information back to anyone who cannot attend the learning sessions
  • Getting to know one another so you feel comfortable sharing and challenging ideas – especially if your group isn’t used to working together
  • Create a  workbook for your team to help you stay focused with your session – example workbooks can be viewed here
  • Think about your spread and sustainability strategy from Day 1
  • Check understanding of the plan of work; do not underestimate the importance of the need to work differently. If you work in silos by focusing on the individual harms themselves you will move at a slower pace and duplicate effort and resources.
  • How you will focus on the drivers in the driver diagram