Safety Thermometer Stories

Many organisations are striving to achieve ‘harm free’ care by addressing and improving different aspects of quality and care, and organisations using the Safety Thermometer have seen successes in a variety of projects.

Safety Thermometer Stories are two collections of case studies around how and why different Trusts have used or implemented the Safety Thermometer tools in their organisation.

“Classic Cases” presents several case studies on the use of Safety Thermometer Classic, which allows teams to measure harm and the proportion of patients that are ‘harm free’ from pressure ulcers, falls, catheter UTIs and venous thromboembolism.

“Next Generation” stories focus on Trusts who are using the Next Generation Safety Thermometers of Medication, Mental Health, Maternity and Children & Young Peoples Services (C&YPS), and contain practical advice and tips from each Trust on what they have found to be particularly effective strategies or actions in their implementation or improvement journey.

We hope that you find these stories both inspiring and useful. If you have a Safety Thermometer Story of your own that you would like to see featured here, please get in touch with us through our Submit your story page.

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University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Read about the benefits that Leicester found from implementation of the Medications Safety Thermometer, and how they have used the data gathered as part of the Trust’s Quality Committment.

Keywords: Implementation, Medicines Safety, ST adaptation     [Added August 2015]

East Cheshire NHS Trust

Read about East Cheshire’s ‘Maternity Quality Dashboard’ and how they have integrated their Maternity Safety Thermometer data into existing systems for a deeper understanding of quality of care.

Keywords: Implementation, Maternity, ST adaptation     [Added June 2015]

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

SWYPFT share how they implemented the Mental Health Safety Thermometer through effective communication, organisation and peer-to-peer support, and how this tool is being applied to help achieve improvements in patient care.  

Keywords: Implementation, CQUIN, Improvement, Mental Health, Medicines Safety   [Added May 2015]

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

George Eliot Hospital share their experience of implementing and using the Medication Safety NHS Safety Thermometer.

Keywords: Implementation, Medicines Safety, ST adaptation  [Added April 2014]


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Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Mid Yorks Hospital discuss how the introduction of the Safety Thermometer App has saved on average 58 hours per month, 696 hours per year, 73% of which are clinical hours.

Keywords: Improvement, Data Management  [Added April 2016]

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Read about the improvement journey of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells, who have seen an 83% reduction in pressure ulcers since they began using the Safety Thermometer.

Keywords: Improvement, Pressure Ulcers   [Added January 2015]

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Northern Devon Healthcare discuss their use of the Safety Thermometer in their journey to achieving a significant 69% reduction in pressure ulcers.

Keywords: Improvement, Pressure Ulcers   [Added December 2014]

City Hospital Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

City Hospital Sunderland discuss how ST data enabled them to identify a prevelance of pressure ulcers, and prompted a review of processes and an improvement programme.

Keywords: Improvement, Pressure Ulcers    [Added September 2014]

Using data for improvement in North London

North East London NHS Foundation Trust discuss the interlinked journey of the NHS Safety Thermometer and improvement at their trust. 

Keywords: Implementation, Improvement, Pressure Ulcers    [Added May 2014]

Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

The story of how Greater Manchester West Mental Health became involved in the Safety Thermometer as part of their national CQUIN for 2013/14, and made local improvements in patient care.

Keywords: Implementation, CQUIN, Improvement, Pressure Ulcers, Mental Health   [Added February 2014]

Patient Stories

Two patients recount their experiences of care, and what harm free care means to them.

Keywords: Film, Improvement     [Added March 2013]

A Tale of Two Whiteboards 

Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh present this short film on how they used ST data to improve their existing whiteboard and make it more efficient in reducing the four harms.

Keywords: Film, Improvement     [Added March 2013]

VTE – Making a difference on Oak Ward

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust share how leadership, teamwork and communication across multidisciplinary areas helped them to apply learning from their ST data and see a reduction in harms to patients.

Keywords:  Improvement, VTE     [Added September 2012]

Commissioning for improvement: Harm free care CQUIN

How NHS Greater Manchester built a strategy around leadership and teamwork for their aim “to secure safe, sustainable, high quality and cost effective, health care & wellbeing services for the whole of Greater Manchester” with the Safety Thermometer.

Keywords:  CQUIN, Implementation, Commissioning     [Added September 2012]

Introducing the NHS Safety Thermometer

Read Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s story of how they implemented the ST with a “small steps of change” approach.

Keywords:  Implementation, ST adaptation    [Added August 2012]

Safety Thermometer in Oldham Care homes with nursing beds 

NHS Greater Manchester and NHS Oldham discuss how their ST implementation led to every care home with nursing beds within the locality is signed up to the Harm Free Care agenda and using the NHS Safety Thermometer tool to submit data.

Keywords:  Implementation, ST adaptation, Nursing Homes    [Added July 2012]

The NHS Safety Thermometer in action

A collection of ‘mini case studies’ into various uses of the Safety Thermometer in a variety of settings.

Keywords:  Implementation, Improvement, Community    [Added May 2012]

How West Suffolk made a real difference to patient safety

West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust used Safety Thermometer data on their improvement journey towards delivering harm free care by December 2012.

Keywords:  Improvement    [Added May 2011]