Safety Thermometer July update



The NHS Safety Thermometer ‘Classic’ has now surveyed over 5 million patients since January 2012.  This is a globally unprecedented data set and is testament to everyone’s hard work, effort and support in collecting data on all of our patients. To celebrate this achievement and promote the amazing work people are doing to raise awareness of ‘harm free’ care and reduce harm to patients we would like to share some improvement work “Selfies” that have been sending to us.  If you have any examples of how you use your data locally for improvement and would like to share this with us or have a photo of you and you colleagues collecting or using your Safety Thermometer data, then send them to us @harmfreecare  on Twitter and we will post them in our next newsletter. 

Medications Safety

The Medications Safety Thermometer is now implementing its step 3 process for large scale testing. In June we asked all organisations to complete a step 3 (MDT huddle) form for any patient that triggers a harm from medication error in Step 2.  This process is very simple and is designed to record the level of harm as a result of a medication error. You can view this form here

Coming soon: MDT step 3 collection form integrated into the webtool from July 2014.

Maternity Safety

We are pleased to announce that over 40 organisations are now signed up and are collecting data using the Maternity Safety Thermometer.  This has been great to see and the enthusiasm from the testing community to collect data from improvement is growing month by month. To help support the organisations using their data for improvement we have now released an interactive dashboard which is available for download.

If you would like to become one of the many new organisations collecting data using the Maternity Safety Thermometer please contact us

Mental Health Safety

The Mental Health Safety Thermometer has completed its third test and our testing community are gearing up ready to commence their fourth test which will give us 4 data points from the new suite of measures. To help keep track of this we are launching an interactive dashboard which we demonstrated at the testing group call on the 12 June and this will be available for download on the webtool each month. We are keen take onboard more organisations to begin collecting data and test the tool at this exciting time. If you are interested in joining the pilot or would like to know more information please contact us.

Children and Young People 

Throughout April and May we have been carrying out some small scale testing and consultations with our expert panel and wider colleagues. We are now excited to announce that the first version of the Paediatrics Safety Thermometer is ready for testing and was circulated to the testing community to carry out their first round of data collection on 25 June.  To find out more or receive a testing pack please contact the team.