Improved Patient Safety Briefing now released

An improved version of the Patient Safety Briefing has released today (28 July 2015), following feedback from users. The briefing has been updated to include changes to the advice given on wristbands to ensure it cooperates fully with national patient safety guidance.

In 2005 the National Patient Safety Agency issued a patient safety alert ‘wristbands for hospital inpatients improves safety’. One of the recommendations in this alert was the use of a single identification wristband that incorporates all essential information. I

n 2007 a second alert was issued ‘standardising wristbands improves safety’ which provided further guidance over the design of patient wristbands and the information on them. One of the recommendations is to ‘Only use a white wristband with black text. If you wish to have a system for identifying a known risk (for example, an allergy or where a patient does not want to receive blood or blood products), the wristband should be red with patient identifiers in black text on a white panel on the wristband’.

This latest version of the patient safety briefing film is fully compliant with recommendations in both these alerts. The latest Patient Safety Briefing film can be viewed and downloaded here and the accompanying card can be viewed and downloaded here. Hospedia has started to roll-out the new film to its patient bedside entertainment units which is due to be completed by the end of August.

The Patient Safety Briefing, which was nominated in the 2015 Patient Safety Congress Awards, has been developed for patients coming into hospital. It provides ‘airline style’ safety advice to patients and their families about their stay in hospital in an attempt to reduce avoidable complications – such as blood clots, pressure ulcers, or falls. The Patient Safety Briefing is based on the concept of safety advice given on aeroplanes before they take off, patients will be shown a film and provided with an information card to read to help them look after themselves during their hospital stay. The safety advice looks at simple things patients can do while in hospital to make their stay safer. The advice focuses on eight areas:

  • falls prevention
  • blood clots
  • infection prevention
  • speaking to staff if patients have any problems or questions
  • medicine safety
  • pressure ulcer avoidance
  • correct personal information
  • discharge from hospital

Launched by the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, in October 2014, the Patient Safety Briefing is currently being used by 61 hospitals through Hospedia’s Patient Media Systems. The film has had over 23,000 views with interest from many other healthcare organisations from across the world. The film has been developed by Haelo in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and is based on a patient safety card developed by Guys’ and St Thomas’.