Thermometer Friends competition is launched

Thermometer Friends LOGOThanks to your work, the ‘Next Generation’ Safety Thermometers are complete for Medications, Mental Health and Maternity. To celebrate this we’re giving you the chance to win some priceless prizes by launching our ‘Thermometer Friends’ competition.

You can win by simply referring a colleague from another organisation to get in touch with us about using a Safety Thermometer.


There are a number of prizes on offer:

  • A one-hour coaching session with a member of Haelo’s senior team
  • A one-to-one session with a global improvement advisor
  • A Q&A meeting with Matt Fogarty, NHS England’s Safety Policy Lead
  • A session with our Specialist Infomation Analyst
  • A film report on your organisation’s key safety measures, interpreting change over time
  • A personalised Safety Thermometer data pack exploring your data in detail
  • A filmed case study produced by our Multimedia Content Producer

How to enter

To be in with a chance of winning your organisation must:

  1. Tell a colleague in another organisation about the Safety Thermometer you’re using
  2. Email the Safety Thermometer team ( and copy in your ‘Thermometer Friend’
  3. Your ‘Thermometer Friend’ submits data and you get a point

The competition will run until 31 March 2015 when the three organisations with the most points will be contacted by the Safety Thermometer team to choose a prize.