Safety Thermometer May update



You may be aware of the many different website and organisations that provide information about the NHS Safety Thermometer.  If your find it confusing to navigating your way to the information you desire try using our Safety Thermometer Tube Map to help you.

Information about this year’s Safety Thermometer ‘Classic’ CQUIN 2014/15 is available on this site, including a useful FAQ document.  Don’t forget to check it out.     

Safety Thermometer Web Tool 

The NHS Safety Thermometer Webtool is now available for use.  All Safety Thermometer ‘Classic’ data can be submitted online using the new Safety Thermometer Web tool.  Why not try collecting your May data this month using the new web tool. 

To help support you in your first collection, guidance and e-learning sessions are available on the web tool.  

Good news in the world of improvement: If you have any examples or good news stories of how you use your data locally for improvement we would love to hear from you.  Please get in touch with us to share your learning on this website

Medication Safety

We have a fantastic group of organisations from across the country who are participating in the collection of data for the Medication Safety Thermometer.  Since the national release of the tool in April many more organisations are signing up to the web tool to ready themselves to begin collecting data.  We are also excited to begin implementing the final step 3 (MDT huddle) process of the Medication Safety Thermometer for large scale testing.  The Step 3 process allows organisations to access the level of harm caused as a result of a medication error and also capture learning to support future improvement.  This is not currently integrated into the web tool but is collected through an online Survey Monkey. Please visit the web tool to view the Step 3 collection form.