Safety Thermometer May case studies

We announced in last month’s newsletter the release of the NHS Safety Thermometer ‘classic’ web tool for data collection and analysis. This month we have Kent Community Health NHS Trust discussing how they have used the web tool and South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust talking about their use of the Medications Safety Thermometer data. 

Classic Web Tool

Catherine Bowles, Market & Information Analyst, Kent Community Health NHS Trust, gives a short overview of how the trust have tested the web tool and now rolled it out further due to positive reaction from staff.

How did you first starting using the Classic web tool?

Following a small scale test of the NHS Safety Thermometer ‘classic’ web tool with just 7 of our teams, there was positive feedback from staff. Kent Community Health NHS Trust then decided to roll out the use of the web tool to half of its 120 community teams for the April collection.

What was the feedback from testing?

This larger scale test was very successful, and feedback from all teams has been very positive so far, with the majority agreeing that the web tool is much more user friendly than the Excel based tool previously used. Feedback following this testing has been sent to Haelo, and we look forward to testing the improvements when we roll out the use of the web tool to more teams.

What have been the benefits of using the web tool?

It is quick and easy to access and has also proved to be much more time efficient for both clinical teams and the Performance & Business Intelligence Team who administrate the monthly collection. Being web based, any team member can access it to enter their information without having to find where it is saved on the computer.

Medication Safety Web Tool

Catherine Baldridge, Medicines Management Lead, South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, gives an insight into how their organisation is using the Medication Safety Thermometer. They have been pulling data, reviewing it and highlighting issues to improve on.