Safety Thermometer April Update



The ‘Classic’ Safety Thermometer has been collecting data since January 2012, now more than 2 years on we have a huge dataset with over 4.2 million records.  This year 2014/15 a national CQUIN has been released for the Safety Thermometer ‘Classic’ incentivising organisations to use their data to make improvement, particularly around reducing category 2 pressure ulcers.  More information about this year’s Safety Thermometer ‘Classic’ CQUIN 2014/15 is available on the ‘harmfree’care website, including a useful FAQ document.

Medication Safety

The 1st of April see’s the official national release of the Medication Safety Thermometer.  Over the last 12 month we have been testing and developing the Medication Safety Thermometer with a fantastic group of organisations across the country, who have been testing the tool and providing valuable feedback throughout its development, collecting data on over 13,000 patients in the last 6 months.  We have performed an number of observational visits to organisations collecting data and are pleased to see that collection time from our tester has reduces dramatically per patient and has now been observed as at little as 2 minutes per patient in many organisations.    We are now pleased to offer the use of the tool to anyone who would like to begin using it to collect data and measure improvement around medication error and harm from medication error.  The new webtool is also available for the Medication Safety Thermometer collection and hosts all the local analysis features.  If you would like to know more information about the tools national release or would like to begin collecting data and become involved in the Medication Safety Thermometer circulation then please contact us or visit the Safety Thermometer site.

Mental Health Safety

Since the launch of the Safety Thermometer ‘Classic’ in 2012 there has been considerable amount interest in the development of a Safety Thermometer specifically for Mental Health services.  An initial pilot was ran in 2012/13 to begin developing the Mental Health Safety Thermometer building on previous work.  We are now continuing this development after a review period and have rounded up a large group of enthusiastic and dedicated organisations and service providers who are keen to begin further testing of the Mental Health Safety Thermometer from April.  A recent WebEx was held to outline the programme of work for 2014/15 and discuss the revised measures for testing and development.  If you would like to know more about the Mental Health Safety Thermometer or how to get involved in testing please contact us.

The next testing group WebEx will be held on Thursday the 10th April, please contact us for details.