Safety Thermometer March Update

NHS Safety Thermometer ‘classic’

Nearly 4 million patients have now been surveyed. You may be aware that national and local data can be viewed on our online web tool. In the next couple of months we will be focused on finalising work so that this webtool can also be used to collect data. We are also working on a ward / team level advanced dashboard which includes funnel plots and pareto charts at ward / team level.

Medication Safety Thermometer

The Medication Safety Thermometer collects data on medication errors, triggers of harm and harm from medication error. 

The data collected so far on step 1 and 2 can be found here, we have started to test step 3, the MDT huddle and reporting of harm.

Mental Health Safety Thermometer

We are just about to commence data collection once again from April with those organisations working with us to develop the Mental Health Safety Thermometer. The measures currently include: self harm, harm from violence and aggression, psychological safety, medication omission and two new measures: restraint (for acute settings) and access to services post discharge (for non-acute services).