Review: Salford Students Stop the Pressure event

On Thursday 27 March over 40 students from the University of Salford came together to create different ideas for a national communications campaign to reduce pressure ulcers. The day involved students from a variety of subjects including nursing, podiatry and music. 

The event, sponsored by NHS IQ, was a great success with a lot of fantastic ideas and energy around the Allerton Building, which was the venue for the day. 

Abigail Harrison, Programme Lead for Haelo and Melanie Stephens, Senior Lecturer at The University of Salford, started the day with a presentation on what #stopthepressure is and why pressure ulcers are such an important issue. 

Then the students were split into groups and assigned different communications tasks to plan and undertake. Between the 6 groups there were some fantastic ideas and products including an art installation, an animation and a rap! 

Group 1 produced an art installation made completely from materials which are used in the treatment of pressure ulcers, such as bandages, plasters and waste bags. 

Group 2 went out of the box and produced a spoken word rap for their communications campaign. 

Continuing the musical theme was group 3 who used an actor and prop in a music video for their #stopthepressure remix of the classic song “Under Pressure”.